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We offer bespoke and confidential mental health services for adults, families, children & adolescents. We deliver psychiatric services, counselling, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy for mental wellness.

PsyClarity is a one stop solution to all your mental health needs. At PsyClarity, we aim to provide compassionate clinical care and comprehensive professional expertise. We are committed to improving quality of life in those affected by mental health issues. We endeavour to help people achieve their highest potential in terms of mental health and strive to make the world a happier place !

Carefully tailored therapy

We offer effective treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and many other conditions that trouble the modern world. We can help because we understand and will always match our approach to your needs.

Best treatment outcomes

Talking to a professional can be helpful when you are feeling stuck in life. We only offer therapies that are proven to be effective. We achieve positive outcomes again and again because we are professional, caring, compassionate and invested in your well-being.


  • I was suffering from issues since last 3 years inspite of consulting many professionals, I got very good results at and today I am working with my full potential. Mr. K.A. - Male 34 yrs, Andheri Mumbai
  • My 8 yrs old son would spend almost 10 hrs on TV and mobile phone. This led to fall in grades and many complains from school. After consulting Dr. Akanksha, we have seen substantial improvement in his behaviour. I recommend Psyclarity and Dr. Akankshato all parents facing similar issues with their children. 31 year Female, Colaba Mumbai
  • I am a 28yr old executive working at an MNC. My job is very high pressure, I need to spend 16-18 hours at work and it gets worse at month end. I often suffer from anxiety epsides, causing I would lose my job if I fail to meet my targets, Dr. Akanksha is an angel. She has helped me get my anxiety episodes under control. This has also helped me cut down on my smoking habit. Highly recommend. Best Psychiatrist in Mumbai. Mr. Jain - 28 yrs Male, Mumbai
  • My sleep is much better after doctors treatment. I am feeling very energetic and fresh feels like a new life. 22 year female, Andheri Mumbai